Conspiracy theorists are salivating after a video surfaced in which six suspected UFOs can be seen passing the International Space Station, the Daily Mail reports. The 31-second video was taken by NASA cameras as part of the organization’s live stream of the ISS.

What makes the footage even more perplexing is that it seems to have been doctored in a way that suggests some kind of a cover up. Just as the six unidentified objects pass through the frame, the clip abruptly ends, and is replaced by footage taken from inside of a briefing room.

The bizarre footage was first spotted by intrepid YouTube users, who seem to be convinced that the six unidentified objects are in fact UFOs. But former NASA employee James Oberg has a different explanation. According to Oberg, the objects are nothing more than what he calls “space dandruff,” or ice crystals.

“Our sensory system is functioning absolutely perfectly for Earth conditions,” Oberg said in an interview with Atlas Obscura. “But we’re still a local civilization. Moving beyond our neighborhood has been visually confusing … it’s just that out there, your visual assumptions are no longer valid.”

This isn’t the first time alien enthusiasts have spotted suspicious objects passing through the ISS livestream. In January, British man John Craddick told the Sun that he spotted something in the feed that was way too high to be human. But some experts disagree. UFO Expert Nigel Watson told the Daily Mail that what we’re seeing could be just a lens reflection. “Many UFOs caught by the ISS's cameras can be also be explained as images of space junk or satellites in the distance, and even very small flecks of paint or particles can appear like UFOs when caught by the bright light from the sun,” he explained.

So what do you think: UFO or nah?