With only a couple of weeks leading up to the election, the New York Times printed a full two-page spread of every person, place, and things that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter. The total victim count? 281—just during this election cycle.

The massive list details the different names he has called his Democratic competitor, Hillary Clinton, journalists (both on the left and right of the political aisle), politicians, and myriad newspapers, magazines, and TV networks. 

Trump has insulted Hillary Clinton a staggering number of times on Twitter, with disses such as: crooked, fear-mongering, hypocrite, disgraceful, and nasty. He has also gone after president Obama quite a bit since the election started, calling him "weak" and "perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States."

One of Trump's favorite insults is the word "crooked," which appears 201 times in the Times' list, mostly against Hillary Clinton. The word "failing" appears 62 times, and the word "dumb" appears 41 times.

What does this list demonstrate? Mostly what everyone already knows: which is that Trump loves Twitter, and hates just about everything else (except Putin, obviously).