After Leaving Strip Club, Florida Man Gets Run Over by His Own Truck Before It Crashes Into a House

A Florida man fell out of his truck on his way home from the strip club. The truck ran over the man and then crashed into a house, before the man fled.

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The generic "Florida Man" is responsible for some of the weirdest crime stories in the country, like the half-headed man who was recently busted for arson and attempted murder. But this story might be the craziest yet. A Florida man fell out of his truck while on his way home from the strip club—and the truck ran over the man before crashing into a house. Then the dude fled.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a 28-year-old Florida man left the Dancers Royale strip club in Orlando at around 2:15 a.m. early Tuesday morning. But the man only made it about a block down the street before he fell out of his truck, hitting the ground. His 2016 Ford pickup truck, though, didn't stop. The truck ran over his leg and started rolling away. The driverless vehicle then crashed into the front of a house.

The man survived the whole ordeal and fled the scene. The damaged truck was left at the scene, stuck in the house it crashed into. A 58-year-old woman inside the house received minor injuries from the crash, but she didn't need to be taken to the hospital. 

While his name hasn't been publicly released yet, the man left his identification behind in the truck, and the Florida Highway Patrol troopers were able to identify the man. They went to his address, but weren't able to locate him. Troopers are still looking for the man and will decide what, if any, charges the man will face after further investigation. 

Florida Man gonna Florida Man, I suppose.

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