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In his latest campaign fundraising email (remember when he wasn't going to send those?), Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is telling constituents not to watch Hillary Clinton's speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight. Unless of course, as the Trump campaign email phrased it, they want to be "lied to, belittled, and attacked for your beliefs."

In an effort to boost his fund-raising and to "send a message" to the Clinton campaign and the Democrats, Trump's camp is calling for a "blitz" in donations leading up to Clinton's speech:

Before Hillary takes the stage, we need to launch a fund-raising blitz to show Crooked Hillary just how many people are on the Trump train. 

Clinton is the first woman to secure the presidential nomination for a major political party in the United States, which makes the speech she will deliver on Thursday evening historic. Of course, Trump's email seeks not only to undermine the Clinton campaign, but also addresses the highly publicized campaign finance woes Trump has been experiencing this summer.

In late June, Trump "forgave" the loan $50 million loan he made to his own campaign, effectively turning the loan into a donation. Trump was more or less forced to give the money to his campaign, which only had $1.3 million in cash on hand at the time. Since then, Trump's campaign has begun to send out regular campaign emails to supporters, which he promised at the start of his campaign he would never do.