Whether or not you believe in Darwinism as a way of eliminating stupid people, it’s pretty clear that many of those who fail to make intelligent choices tend to be the luckiest. Take the genius who decided to propose to his girlfriend via Facetime by climbing down the side of a rock and got stuck or the incredibly gifted criminal who leapt onto train tracks after stealing a kid’s phone only to get struck by an oncoming train and escape with minor injuries.

According to Daily Pakistan, the incident happened inside Karachi’s Anti-Terrorism Court during an unspecified case. The judge asked the officer how a hand grenade worked and said officer decided to show rather than tell by removing the pin. The explosion injured five including the judge, officer and a court clerk. It also put local security on high alert for fear that a terrorist attack had just occurred.

Reports say Investigation Officer Abid Ali was the one to bring the locally made device to the courtroom as evidence. He just forgot one minor detailto diffuse it. While no casualties were reported, it’s safe to say this guy’s career will have a hard time recovering. According to authorities, the officer will face severe punishment once he heals from his injuries.