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No one loves the green more than Colorado (and not necessarily because they're addicted to weed)—this map of the weed-loving U.S. proves it. You know what else supports that fact? This huge drug raid where so much weed was found that the National Guard had to be called in. 

4/20 is not going to be lit for all of those arrested in this Colorado drug bust, as reported by Mashable. 40 people were arrested during the raid of 30 homes and warehouses, most located in the Denver area, according to CBS Denver. The raided locations were all a part of one illegal pot growing operation Colorado law enforcement told CBS Denver. As you know, the use and sale of medical and recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, but the operation was said to have been illegal.

Mashable reports one of the suspects "barricaded" himself during a raid of one of the homes leading police to use tear gas so that'd he'd come out. In another home authorities reportedly found an estimated 300 marijuana plants with tons of equipment used to grow marijuana. Proving to be too much for local authorities the Colorado National Guard was called in to assist them in removing equipment and marijuana plants per the Chicago Tribune.

The DEA, in conjunction with local authorities, had reportedly been investigating marijuana growing operations in the ear-and-a-half leading up to the bust writes Mashable.  

CBS Denver reports the suspects arrested were from Texas and went to Colorado to buy homes for the operation, which shipped marijuana out of state where it was sold.