Donald Trump's recent comments that Islam hates the United States is just the latest in a series of anti-Muslim statements he has made that fuel Islamophobia.

Last week, an exit poll revealed that 6 in 10 Republican voters in Michigan supported temporarily banning non-U.S. Muslims. Even in the event of a Trump loss, the United States would still have to deal with the xenophobia his campaign has aroused, Maytha Alhassen, an American studies and ethnicity researcher at the University of Southern California, told The Intercept.

Not only are Muslim communities worldwide  burdened with defending themselves against hate crimes, they must also combat negative stereotypes. Although Islam is expected to grow faster than any other religion over the next few decades, media underrepresentation and misrepresentation of Muslim communities remains a reality. It's why fighting Islamophobia and elevating Muslim voices is necessary now more than ever before.

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