A man who randomly choked a woman on a train on the Ringwood line has plead guilty to the assault and been jailed for four months, 7News reports.

38-year-old Wayne David Smart was seen acting bizarrely by train passengers, taking photos of them, and at one point moving quickly towards a woman and staring her in the face for no discernible reason. 

After being alerted to the fact that her photo was being taken after the flash went off, one woman made the decision to grab Smart’s phone, telling him that she was going to delete the photo.

“Then he obviously snapped and grabbed me by the throat, and pushed me back against the wall,” she said.

In the video which you can watch above, a large group of passengers immediately jump into action and place him under citizen’s arrest.

Smart’s lawyer blamed his actions on binge drinking, and when pressed, the attacker couldn’t remember anything about the day – but Smart had quite a long rap sheet, and had been in jail before.

The man also plead guilty to two other incidents on the day, one for unlicensed drink driving, and another for the assault of Protective Services Officers. He received a jail term four months, appealing immediately – because, you know, justice clearly had not been served that day.