Oops: British Surgeons Remove Cancer Patient's Non-Cancerous Testicle

At least they came clean about their mistake, right? Wrong.

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Surgeons at Salisbury District Hospital face a lawsuit from a man who was admitted to surgery to have a cancerous testicle removed. The reason for the lawsuit? They removed the wrong testicle. The 48-year-old Wiltshire native is now concerned that the egregious mistake may have left him unable to have children. 

Speaking with the Metro, the man said "The matter is in the hands of my solicitor...She is about to issue proceedings now. I have no other comment to make." Doctors apparently realized they had done wrong some 40 minutes into the procedure. They froze the testicle that they removed, and had a plastic surgeon try to reattach it. 

That didn't work, and the hospital is accepting full responsibility for their mistake. As if they had some other option. 

[via Gawker]

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