Though it's somewhat hard to believe (and unconscionably depressing) given the current political climate, there was indeed a time where the idea of Donald Trump calling into Stephen Colbert's show and not being absolutely eviscerated in the process seemed downright impossible. When Trump made his debut on Colbert's Late Show back in September, the bizarrely mild encounter between the two titans of opposite ideologies left the nation pretty underwhelmed.

Thus, when Colbert started teasing a Late Show phone interview on Tuesday's show, viewers were skeptical. Would Colbert lovingly put this "honey-glazed tiger testicle" firmly in his place? Would the planet rupture beneath the intellectual weight of their discussion before collapsing into itself? Why is any of this even happening?

Thankfully, Colbert at least got himself an appropriate phone to field the call:


"[Trump]’s running for president on the platform of opening his mouth and saying things," Colbert said during his generous introduction of what might very well become the most poisonous political figure in recent memory. The two then discussed what they were wearing, Trump's intolerable catchphrase, and the virtues of vulgarity.

However, the sole moment of truth came when the topic of Republicans' preposterous attempts at delaying a replacement for the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia became the focus. The audience, clearly amped up on bravery and a consistent fear for the fate of their own post-Trump country, promptly booed Trump's thoughts on the matter.

Let's make late-night TV great again by blocking Trump's calls.