When Dr. Ben Carson profoundly fumbled his stage entrance at the most recent Republican debate, the nation made sure to mark the date. After all, when we're old and feeble, younger generations will surely ask us "Where were you when Ben Carson made that legendarily horrific stage entrance in 2016?"

With his usual generosity, Stephen Colbert decided to further immortalize Dr. Carson's delightfully goofy display of anticlimactic self-sabotage by doing his own version of that increasingly infamous non-entrance. "Perhaps he didn't hear me," an equally befuddled announcer theorizes. "He is Stephen Colbert. All he has to do is point his face at the stage and walk forward!"

For proper consumption, revisit Carson's original performance below:

In related news, Dr. Carson once allegedly fabricated an entire narrative about getting a scholarship to West Point.

Happy fumbling.