As joyous as the holiday season can be for gathering with loved ones, it can also be a wretched experiences some significant others forced into complex family dynamics. At least, that's the case for Reddit user familysuxthrow, who had an awful experience with his girlfriend and family over a holiday dinner. 

Familysuxthrow and his boo, Sammy, have been together for over a year. He's madly in love with everything about her, and rightfully so. "She's absolutely wonderful; smart, attractive, driven, educated, kind and goofy. She's everything I've ever wanted," he wrote. He assumed his family felt the exact same way about Sammy until a few weeks ago, at a family dinner during which Sammy thought she couldn't make due to work obligations. Surprisingly, half way through, she surprised him. He received a text message learning that she was outside with gifts she brought for the family. 

The entire time, the family was unaware that she had arrived. As he stepped out to assist her with carrying in the gifts, Familysuxthrow and Sammy accidentally heard his family talking from the kitchen: 

"My sister was saying that she was glad my girlfriend was gone because she couldn't stand a family night being ruined by my girlfriend being annoying. My brother and other sister agreed about how annoying and awful my girlfriend is. My dad made a comment about how they should be nice to Sammy. And my mom chimed in with, 'Sammy is nice and all but I can't believe familysuxthrow likes how fat she is, he can do so much better.' My family, even my dad, agreed. And my sister piped up that I was dating down because I'm still rebounding from my last girlfriend (which was five years ago...)."

After Sammy overheard the entire conversation, she burst into tears and then left the house as immediately as possible. 

The thing that makes this even worse is I was planning on proposing to her in the next few months. I had planned on asking my sisters to come with me to pick out her ring.

Now, Sammy hasn't said much about it and hasn't talked to me much about this incident. She has always wanted a family and she doesn't understand why my family doesn't like her or what she's done wrong. She said she'd talk to me more when she gets back from her trip. I don't want to lose her over this. I would take her over my family. Sammy hasn't been her usual cheerful self this week and I've caught her crying more than once since this incident. I try to comfort her but she tries to play it that she's fine.

He presents the question: How should he deal with the situation? Should he take Sammy's side and abandon his family? With plans of proposing to her in the upcoming months, and having seen how much this event has impacted her,  Familysuxthrow is torn about how to deal with the situation. 

So, what do you do when your family beefs with your significant other at holiday dinner?