Years Active: 2002-Present
Key Members: 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo
Elements of Style: Army gear, G-Unit Clothing, Tony Yayo's bucket hat collection

If we had to come up with a term to characterize G-Unit's militarized look, it might have to be "tactical swag." Remember how 50 Cent used to rock the bulletproof vest everywhere he went? He even had one in white for special occasions! Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo tended to follow the boss's style pattern, save for Yayo's love for hats. Most of the time the guys look like they're ready for war, whether decked out in all-black police sweaters, fitted caps, and gloves, or rocking full-on marine formal gear, it would seem that 50 Cent's stay in youth boot camp had a profound influence on the group's look.

In 2003, G-Unit Clothing was launched as a partnership between 50 Cent and Marc Ecko. Unsurprisingly, the line featured a lot of camo and army-themed graphics and it worked—the line did $50 million in sales during its first year. It actually would be kind of dope in today's streetwear market. The partnership ended in 2008, but recently, 50 has talked about re-launching it in countries like Brazil. So get to Rio if you're hoping to cop a "Property of G-Unit" T-shirt.