Played By: Tom Berenger
Movie: Platoon (1986)

Oliver Stone loves a good father figure. Even more than a good father figure, the outspoken director loves a bad father figure, an awful bastard who will corrupt the person he takes under his wing. Like Sergeant Bob Barnes in Platoon, the foil to the saintly Sergeant Elias (Willem Dafoe).

Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen) isn't having a great time in Vietnam, as he explains to his grandmother in his letters. In addition to the madness of guerrilla warfare, Barnes deserves much of the credit for Taylor's troubles.

Levity aside, look at the still above these words. That's Bob Barnes. That's his gun. That's a small child with his gun pressed to her temple. That's Bob Barnes threatening to pull the trigger and kill her. He's just shot the wife of the village's leader, and in his eyes you can see that he'd murder this child just as soon as blink. When you loose your humanity to greet war face-to-face, you become Bob Barnes. —RS