Yeah, I Work Out—better known as simply Y,IWO—has announced its first-ever collaboration with Gold’s Gym.

The collab collection, a celebration of the Gold’s Gym legacy, boasts a classic version of the Gold’s Gym “Joe” character drawn by Muscle Beach figure Ric Drasin, who passed away last August.

“Gold’s Gym is really the ultimate collaboration for Y,IWO,” Jason Thome—creative director and founder of Y,IWO—said of the collection’s personal importance. “I am often asked who would you most like to collaborate with and I instantly say Gold’s. Between the iconography and history, Gold’s really encapsulates the spirit of Y,IWO. As you can see by our designs, we love the iconography, photography, and spirit from the 1970s, 80s and 90s. Gold’s is one of the most important and defining elements in that.”

As Thome explained, he and Drasin first linked up years ago, kickstarting a relationship that ultimately led to a special collection inspired by his work—and later—the suggestion from Drasin himself that they put together something revolving around the original Gold’s Gym design. Thome said the new owners of Gold’s were also aboard for the vision of the collaboration, enthusiastically picking things up where they left off following Drasin’s passing.

The Y,IWO x Gold’s Gym collection keeps the focus on heavyweight, durable gym attire. Noticeable among the pieces is the inclusion of the phrase “It don’t come easy,” a sentiment Drasin was famous for making on multiple occasions. Pieces from the collection are seen in action with a campaign featuring photography by Danielle Levitt and styling by Corey Stokes.

The collection will be available to shop at Dover Street Market, as well as on the MrPorter and Y,IWO sites. For more info, head to Y,IWO.