Tyler, the Creator is now in the nail polish game. 

After already announcing the expansion of his Golf le Fleur brand with the unveiling of French Waltz and new apparel last week, Tyler dropped the fragrance Monday alongside a brand new nail polish, coming in three different colors.

The polish—arriving in Georgia Peach, Geneva Blue, and Glitter—runs for $20 on Tyler’s site, and as the brand shares on Instagram, each color is a “long-lasting solid gloss finish” and boasts being “13-free, non-toxic, and cruelty free.”

The polish names, of course, are nods to a T’s discography and the things he loves, and he’s making it easier for fans to get their hands on his latest products. 

“This ain’t like a tee,” Tyler shared to Twitter on Sunday before the drop. “Its not a super limited number. This ain’t for the ‘sold out’ button. I tried to scale it in hopes everyone will be able to get the fragrance or polish.”

The rapper and innovator—whose Call Me If You Get Lost was ranked as Complex’s No. 1 album of 2021—teased his latest products in an interview with Complex over the summer, where he mentioned perfumes as something he hoped to release under Golf le Fleur.

“Le Fleur is, you know, sweaters, slacks, you know. Rolls-Royce, you playing chess, you know, like, listening to whatever the fuck, Sade demos. That’s that shit,” he explained. “And I really wanted to model Le Fleur off of where I’ve just been at the last three years. Um, just getting into that pocket. Trench coats, perfumes, and, like, making sure your skin is good.”

Tyler shared with Women’s Wear Daily that his late friend Virgil Abloh, who passed on Nov. 28 at age 41, played an important role in helping T get what he needed to expand his creative horizons. 

“Some of these Golf le Fleur clothes are made in Italy and are handmade, and do you know who set all that up for me? He did,” Tyler said. “He was on calls and emails setting this stuff up for me in a world that I didn’t know, schooling me on so much, and [with] the launch, I wanted him there so bad so he could see what his helping hand turned into… But now, I just got to go harder. I just got to really take it there, because I believe he would want to see me continue to get there.”

French Waltz is available in three different sizes, starting at $40, on the Golf site