Over time, the baseball cap has slowly become acceptable to wear on a daily basis in almost any setting. For some, tossing on their favorite team's fitted everyday before they step out of the house is as much a part of their outfit as a clean T-shirt or fresh pair of socks. 

MLB fitteds aren't just relegated for players on the field or fans attending a game anymore. They're one of the most crucial accessories to have in your wardrobe. Curved brim or straight. Gold sticker intact or removed. Grey under brim or green. There are plenty of subtle nuances to consider to make the fitted your own. And now there are plenty of brands putting their own spin on things from Hat Club's colorful interpretations to Joe Freshgoods' always-anticipated New Era collabs. As Troy Patterson referred to them in the New York Times Magazine in 2015, fitted hats are the "common man's crown."

The team you choose to rep isn't just based on who you cheer for or your geographic location anymore either. Maybe you saw your favorite rapper donning a style in their new video, your favorite brand might have dropped their own take on the iconic Yankees or Dodgers cap, or the colors just go perfectly with the rest of your outfit. Whatever the reason, there is certainly a select few options that people seem to be reaching for to complete their fits more than others. 

With that in mind, we decided to rank our picks for the 10 best MLB fitted caps. Take a look at the full list below.