Aired: 1990-2000

This zip code was the premier teen drama of the '90s and maybe of all time, depending on who you ask. Initially, it was all about the culture shock the Walsh twins experience when they move on up to the affluent L.A. neighborhood. The show played out the same effect on the viewer, on a more meta level than just Brenda and Brandon being our POV characters. That means a community, and more importantly, a high school full of casually expensive shit.

But one of the funniest things about 90210 was that for all its themes, the kids themselves never balled out, except that crazy save David Silver, maybe. At least, they didn’t do it in an attention-grabbing way like Will Smith or Zack Morris. They just, quite simply, looked good, and you assumed whatever beachfront-type shirt they were rocking at the Peach Pit probably cost a grip.

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