With the new Telfar TV project, Telfar is giving fans the chance to participate in exclusive targeted drops, not to mention (potentially) secure a Duffle.

Earlier this week, the first of these targeted drops—deemed “drips” by Telfar—launched. The barrel-shaped vegan leather bag, known as simply the Duffle, notably marks the first silhouette to be introduced since the creation of the brand’s Shopping Bag silhouette in 2014. It comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The accompanying drip was made available exclusively via Telfar TV, which can be accessed by downloading the app via your smart TV or by hitting the project’s designated site.

The drip process is as follows: At random times during the day, a QR code is flashed on the screen for a minute, meaning those tuned in can scan it and secure a bag. An explainer from Telfar notes that while a drip is “less bags than a drop,” the chances of getting one are higher with the drip method.

The 24-hour network, which sees the Telfar Clemens-founded brand partnering with the international artists’ collective Ummah Chroma, also gives viewers a chance to send in their own content to be featured on the station. In a note shared to the Telfar TV site, the project was billed as being launched without any content “because we are tired of being content for other channels.” 

As detailed elsewhere, there was an apparent delay in the Sept. 29 launch drip, which itself was preceded by a NYFW presser outlining the vision for the project. Others have also expressed mild frustration (see below) at not being able to secure a bag via Telfar TV, though it’s definitely worth noting here that the Telfar TV site itself states that the chances of getting a bag via this method are indeed higher, albeit not guaranteed. 

The Telfar brand has routinely developed new programs aimed at democratizing the shopping process, perhaps most notably its Bag Security Program. Speaking with Complex last summer, founder Telfar Clemens noted that the effects of both resellers and bots on the brand are “exaggerated.” 

See a sampling of how people are responding to the Duffle drip experience below.