Shoppers were in for a delightful surprise when they checked out the Marc Jacobs website on Tuesday morning. 

An “inadvertent error” on behalf of the brand allowed some customers to score a 100 percent discount off their Marc Jacobs bags, per the Wall Street Journal, but the company quickly caught up to was going on and has since canceled orders. 

“It crashed several times while I was on the website, but eventually I was able to put the bag that I wanted into my cart,” Chyna Dandridge, who said she found out about the hack on Facebook and ordered a $325 “The Year of the Tiger” mini jacquard tote bag for just the cost of shipping, said. “I’ve seen glitches happen in the past, and I know some people actually get the items.”

But unfortunately for Dandridge and the other customers who took advantage of the slip up, the company recognized the error and refunded them their shipping, ultimately canceling the free orders. 

“Due to an inadvertent error on, our website temporarily showed incorrect product prices which may have affected your order(s).” the email said. “All orders placed with incorrect pricing have been canceled.”

While it remains unclear if Marc Jacobs will have to honor the mislabeled prices, Twitter is having a fun time with the mix-up, as it’s generated plenty of memes throughout the day. Check out what the internet has to say about the free bags below.