Jim Jones has addressed whether he ever had a “proper conversation” with Gucci over his criticism of one of the brand’s stores earlier this year.

As previously reported, Jones took to social media back in February to criticize a New York location’s service. In one post, he slammed the store for “nasty” behavior and “movin dusty.” During a Lobby Boyz interview on Hot 97 on Friday, Peter Rosenberg asked Jones around the 27:04 mark if he ever had “a proper conversation” with “the people at the Gucci store” over the incident.

“It wasn’t really about the Gucci store,” Jones said. “It was about the service that wasn’t provided when I was at the Gucci store spending that money.” Asked again about speaking with anyone in an official capacity, Jones questioned what the outcome of such a conversation would be.

“I mean, that’s not really … What they gonna do?” he said. “They gonna gave me some free clothes or something?”

As for the incident itself, Jones noted that he simply “went to the next store and bought some Louis [Vuitton]” immediately after. He also reiterated his support of Black-owned businesses, noting—as he did back in February—that he offers his support “all the time.”

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The Lobby Boyz promo run has been an eventful one. Earlier this week, for example, Jones was in headlines due to comments he made about Kid Cudi in another interview

In April, Jones rolled out the video for his and Migos’ “We Set the Trends” remix featuring Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, and Juelz Santana.