Sure, Ella Mai is an award-winning singer-songwriter from London with a sophomore album on the way. But she also has goals that extend far beyond the music world. When the British singer-songwriter’s not hitting her native London streets or recording new music, she’s thinking about streetwear. To get the lowdown on what it takes to design a hype-worthy streetwear drop, Mai recently traveled to Los Angeles to sit down with Jeff Staple, one of streetwear’s most iconic, well-respected designers, and founder of the brand Staple Pigeon. Staple has been vital to streetwear for more than 20 years and has spent his career creating apparel, sneakers, and accessories that speak to the streets and the people repping them, earning him worldwide acclaim in the process. 

In LA, Staple taught Mai how to release a successful collection and the best ways to stay creative. “Keep your eye on real people, on real streets, and you’ll never get bored,” Staple explains. 

Up top, watch Ella Mai channel her designer alter ego as she works with Staple to design a new streetwear line in honor of her forthcoming second album.