DIY and customization is intrinsic to streetwear. Whether it was Dapper Dan making something completely new out of designer textiles or Ari Forman constructing the Menthol 10 sneakers, repurposing logos, creating bootlegs, and producing something out of nothing is a streetwear pillar that’s no longer an underground phenomenon—just go to pop star Billie Eilish’s IG page

We want to give a shout out to OGs like The Shirt Kings and Darren Romanelli, and designers who’ve come up after them like Vandy, Etai Drori, Imran Potato, and Nicole McLaughlin. But with this list we focused on some of the newer DIY designers who are carving out their own paths.

We spoke to creators like Juliet Johnstone, whose hand painted pants look like pieces of art (Bella Hadid loves them), Mark Sabino, who is known for his music-themed jewelry but just received a huge cosign from Rihanna, who wore a New York Yankees bucket hat he designed, and Phillip Leyesa, who is making new sneakers feel old again—in the best way possible—and doing inventive things with patches. And aside from making cool things, sustainability is at the forefront for most of these designers, which we also want to commend. 

Read on to see the 15 Best DIY streetwear designers right now and learn more about what inspires them, their process, and what else they want to create down the line.