When it comes to the future of Crenshaw Skate Club, McIntosh has big ideas. He wants to collaborate with streetwear legends like Nigo and do his own Nike or Jordan sneaker collaboration. Eventually, he envisions operating a brick and mortar space in Crenshaw that doubles as a fully fleshed out skate park where locals can skate and hang out for free. 

“I wanna continue to build out and help grow the skate community in my own neighborhood. I feel like there’s been a lot of growth that’s been done, but I just want to continue to support that and put the resources in that I can to help that grow,” says McIntosh. “That’s the main message behind the brand, empowering inner-city skaters. If I can keep growing the brand and inspiring kids that grew up similar to me or inspire kids in general, I think that’s my job done. I’ll be satisfied with that.”