And can you explain a little bit more about the, I know I’ve seen the registered R circle, but just expand a little bit more on that and what it has traditionally meant?
Yeah. So the registered R is obviously, like, a registered trademark. It’s something that is meant to be this idea that once you have that, it’s not something that is meant to be shared and meant to be, you know, used with the community. But for us, that’s why we throw events where we bring our fans out and we engage with them and they, collaborate with us. Just like we have a whole Discord community online where these kids are actually constantly pitching us ideas. They’re, you know, making fun of the employees are having fun with it. And, like, we want to make this world something where they engage with us, just like an employee in our warehouse would do the same thing, you know? So I think for us, it’s flipping that meaning of the registered are being something that is exclusionary and really about making it a symbol of inclusion.

Has business been impacted since everything happened?
I mean, of course, you know. I think just one was, like, definitely. I think for us making sure that one, we were figuring out what was going to happen with the next step of the brand. So that was always the focus. I think number two was making sure that after we had those hard conversations and everything else that we were able to actually learn from those things and apply it to the future of this business. And at the end of all of that is just recognizing that, uh, I think through all of that work, like we had to keep on going, you know, but doing it in a smart way where we had all this inventory that was designed, it was already created and we just needed to get out there, make sure that we were doing the right things with that product. And, you know, through that, we were able to donate to a bunch of great foundations and, you know, be able to help the community. I think in working with each of them, it, it just felt like we actually were able to make a difference with them, honestly, with COVID we weren’t able to go do physical events or things like that, but we are able to donate the money, which helps them to make the initiatives. They had to have happened and to scale their organizations, to be able to hire and do what they needed to do.

You all had a sale to get rid of inventory?
It’s basically like all the rest of that year is just going, it’s going down to zero and just get rid of it because we’re obviously moving into this new phase of the brand. And so, you know, instead of burning stuff, like, we’ve always agreed that this is not about destroying the name of Chinatown, but it’s leaving it behind with respect and honor, and making sure that as we move forward, we do that.

What’s next for the brand?
Well, it’s doubling down in the biggest ways, right? Like, it’s continuing to try to do bigger partnerships, continuing to shake up this world where, you know, it’s easy when you’re a small brand to do it. And then as we continue to grow, we want to continue to shake it up, be experimental, break the rules, and also continue to showcase our, our team in the best way possible, because that’s how we grow our community. We don’t do it by just doing the coolest collabs and, like, you know, the normal fashion way. We want to continue to be the transparent platform that not only just does what we do as a brand, but also showcases the people inside of our brand will help grow our platform even further. And so, you know, it’s very loose right now, but as we kind of grow, we want to find ways to continue to personify our brand of what we are IRL.