Welcome to Brand To Watch, a new bi-weekly style column from COMPLEX UK. Here, we’ll be spotlighting the best emerging brands out of the UK, asking them what makes them stand out from the crowd, how they’ve navigated through unprecedented times and determining their vision of fashion and the future.

For emerging brands, establishing what will set them apart from the crowd can be an arduous task, especially when it comes to relaying that unique selling point to the masses.

However, for Benjamin Adofo and Victor Egunlae, founders of London-based clothing imprint VSMINE, their ethos is very much worn heart-on-sleeve, so much so it’s in the name of the brand itself. “VSMINE is the moment you truly realise you are in competition with nobody but yourself,” says Benjamin of the brand pronounced ‘Versus Mine’.

Taking that feeling of self-determination and putting it at the core of the creative medium both creators wanted to push, VSMINE has gone from a limited run of tees to organically growing piece by piece, where they now offer a full collection that reflects both of its owners’ personalities.

Getting to know more about the brand and why they should be on your radar, we got Benjamin and Victor to break down VSMINE’s early beginnings, their influences, challenges, and goals for the company moving forward.