Beats Electronics has joined forces with L’Art de l’Automobile on the Kar Audio System—a Pill+ portable speaker that aims to enhance the driving experience.

The co-branded device, which marks L’Art de l’Automobile’s first collaboration, deftly fuses the companies’ respective aesthetics with their shared love for cars. The Parisian auto dealership/streetwear brand reimagined the Pill+ with a red-and-black design inspired by vintage vehicles. “Kar Audio System” is emblazoned across the front speaker, while the brake and gas buttons serve as the volume adjusters on top. It’s a solid blend ofold-school and modern design that delivers quality sound during travel—particularly to those within vehicles with less-than-stellar audio systems.

As part of the rollout, the Kar team connected with director Bob Jeusette for a promotional video for the limited edition speaker. The visual, which includes the track “KAR AUDIO SYSTEM” by Brodinski, can be viewed up top. You can also check out the “KAR AUDIO SYSTEM” playlist by L’Art de L’Automobile Radio on Apple Music.

The Pill+ will be available for $179.95 this Saturday exclusively at L’Art de l’Automobile’s online store and Chicago-based retailer Notre.