After releasing a limited-edition rug before following up with an aptly-timed pair of gloves and WFH-friendly socks, newly-formed South London imprint AELIZA are back with their debut T-shirt drop.

AELIZA, dubbed as a “dialogic study of the autonomous individual”, has been launched as more than just a product proposition from the designer. Introduced to “offer a change in lifestyle and approach” in the midst of COVID-19, the next release marks the brand’s debut clothing drop, with the tees being used as a case study looking to challenge the way in which conventional streetwear drops work.

AELIZA founder Jack Harper explains this further in the press release, saying: “Look back on classic streetwear staples. We realised that t-shirts always had a large print at the back with a small logo at the front. This is an embedded position that most fashion brands of all categories implement. We put to question... why is this? You see in the distance, an individual wearing something that catches your eye. Why is it we only confidently observe (what they’re wearing) once the individual walks past us? Does streetwear embody a subconscious sense of insecurity?”

He added: “This drop is the introduction to our belief: Ethos-wear. Ethos-wear’s focus is mind over matter. Ethos-wear is wearing individual belief. Individual belief to the forefront of your character. This is a set of values epitomised into a physical garment.”

Inverting the conventional with an aim at “increasing individual belief”, the T-shirts’ tonal pu print symbol is intentionally featured on the back, with the illusion that it was removed and pushed to the front, with Harper reaffirming the tees as pieces to showcase a feeling of saying who you are with your chest. 

The ultra knit cotton jersey tees arrive in Matte Gold & Black colourways. Priced at £60, you can cop the tees via AELIZA.COM from Thursday 18th February. Get a closer look at the tees in the collection lookbook below.