May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. That means it’s time to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander cultures and their contributions to the world. But in doing so, it’s crucial that we not only raise our voices against hate, but also that we support those communities, spending money at Asian and Pacific Islander-owned businesses both national and local. 

And Macy’s agrees. In fact, the retailer stocks a range of products made by Asian-owned companies, particularly in the skincare and beauty realm. In shopping Macy’s for beauty products made by Asian-owned businesses, like The Beauty Crop, we’re not only supporting that community, but also ourselves. Beauty products are little, everyday luxuries, which help us feel and look our best, even increasing our confidence and helping us drive us towards our goals, as we stride through the world unapologetic about who we are. So this May, shop the beauty products below to give yourself—and Asian American and Pacific Islander communities—a boost. You’ll be glad you did. 

Be Smooth