LeBron James Dressed up as Prince for Halloween and Sang “Purple Rain”

NBA star LeBron James dressed up as Prince for Halloween and sang an amazing cover of “Purple Rain."

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It doesn’t get much better than one of the greatest athletes of all time dressing up as one of the greatest musicians of all time. LeBron James, or perhaps now The Basketball Player Formerly Known as LeBron James, dressed to the nines in full Prince attire at the Cleveland Cavaliers' Halloween Party last night. He spared no detail. Luckily his teammate Kevin Love was there to capture the costume in all its glory.

Outfitted in a perfect replica of Prince’s iconic “Purple Rain” outfit—complete with blouse, tight leather pants and of course, the purple jacket—James took it to the next level by performing his own rendition of the singer’s smash hit “Purple Rain.” Who knew King James could hold a tune with the best of ‘em?


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