Gosha Rubchinskiy Chats Hype, Streetwear, Skinny Jeans and More in New Interview

Russian designer and photographer Gosha Rubchinskiy chats hype, streetwear, skinny jeans and more in new interview.

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Between shooting an editorial for Supreme and releasing a new photobook, Gosha Rubchinskiy certainly keeps busy. The rising Russian fashion-photography star recently sat down with i-D Magazine and spoke about a variety of topics—hype, streetwear and even his thoughts on skinny jeans. 

It’s well known that Rubchinskiy’s main inspiration is the youth of Russia and the designer makes it clear that hasn't changed: “Moscow and the kids have always been the most important things for me.” He goes on to mention how you can expect his next collection to be vastly different, and likely to be made up of suits. 

Rubchinskiy then touches on how fashion is nothing without the consumer. “Fashion itself is nothing. Luxury is in the eye of the beholder and you can make it,” he said. “The right story turns even a beer bottle into a luxurious item, so that you want it and you would die for it. Whatever it is: the product itself is not important. A Supreme sweater can be as desirable as a Chanel dress.”

The conversation steers towards the world of streetwear and the hype that goes along with it. Rubchinskiy is fully aware of the effect hype has on the culture: “People generally don't care about the fabrics or workmanship anymore. If they want something, they'll buy it anyway, no matter how it looks like on them, what counts is image.”

Lastly Rubchinskiy touches on the style evolution of the average male consumer. Specifically how more and more guys are wearing slim fit denim than they were five years ago: "When Raf and Hedi created skinny jeans 15 years ago, that was regarded as queer and weird. But no one cares when it's a mass-market product."

You can read the interview in full with i-D Magazinehere

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