Naomi Campbell Brings Her Decades of Expertise to MasterClass for New Course

When it comes to fashion, few have the depth of knowledge exhibited by Naomi Campbell, who is now bringing her skills to the MasterClass platform.

Naomi is seen in a publicity photo for MasterClass

Image via MasterClass

Naomi is seen in a publicity photo for MasterClass

Naomi Campbell has opened the doors on her MasterClass course, giving the world unique access to what she’s acquired during her decades in the fashion industry.

“Most people view fashion as an untouchable, glamorous fantasy, but modeling at its best is a source of inspiration that shows you who you can be in your best form,” Campbell said of this latest endeavor, adding that her MasterClass foray is focused on “personal empowerment and authenticity, culture and community, and the power of giving back to open the doors for those who come after us.”

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The course, which is classified as a Beginner & Intermediate-level class, is billed as being an exploration on “modeling fundamentals,” all taught from Campbell’s unique and deeply experience-informed perspective. Furthermore, MasterClass CEO David Rogier has promised, those who participate in these teaching will be introduced to ways to “harness their power” in pursuit of their “best selves,” whether in the world of fashion or elsewhere.

As of this month, Campbell’s course is now available on the MasterClass platform. For a sample and additional info, hit this link.

Last year, MasterClass enlisted Nas for a course focused on the art of hip-hop storytelling. Speaking with Andre Gee surrounding the course’s launch, Nas said he was attracted to the opportunity due to the “great concept” at the core of MasterClass offerings.

“I think it’s dope that we take time out of our lives to sit down and think about what it took for us to get here, and think about our journey and share it with people in a way that’s different than we ever did before,” he said at the time.

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