Exclusive: KAWS Enlisted for Brooklyn Nets’ New NBA City Edition Uniform by Nike

The new uniform design marks the first time the artist, a “proud Brooklyn resident,” has collaborated with a pro team.

A Brooklyn Nets and KAWS uniform is pictured
Image via KAWS/Brooklyn Nets/Nike
A Brooklyn Nets and KAWS uniform is pictured

KAWS’ personal connection to Brooklyn is celebrated with the unveiling of a new Brooklyn Nets City Edition uniform from Nike.

Unveiled Thursday, the uniform is notable for a number of reasons, including the fact that it marks the first instance of KAWS collaborating with a pro sports organization. In a statement, KAWS—whose “Tension” series serves as a key point of inspiration in the uniform—pointed to how the team and the region at large are integral to his artistic practice.

“As a proud Brooklyn resident, I was thrilled when the Nets asked me to create a new uniform design,” KAWS said of the collaboration. “The history, community, and passion of this borough create an energy that inspires my studio practice, the players, and the fans. My design aims to capture the vibrancy that we experience daily when navigating Brooklyn.”

Seen on the waistband of the uniform’s shorts is the artist’s signature “XX” motif, while the team’s name across the jersey’s chest calls to mind his graffiti-inspired font styles. Similarly, fans will notice a KAWS autograph has also been implemented into the jersey, which features a Webull patch on its top left chest.

Below, get a closer look at the Brooklyn Nets’ 2023/2024 NBA City Edition Uniform by Nike.

A Brooklyn Nets jersey is pictured
A Brooklyn Nets jersey is pictured
Brooklyn Nets shorts are pictured

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