Kanye West’s Plans for the Perfect Hoodie Detailed in 'WSJ' Profile

West talks Yeezy, Trump, and hints at new music in a cover story piece for 'WSJ.'


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Within the last decade, at least by Kanye West's assessment, there is possibly no more important example of apparel than the hoodie.

That's one of the final takeaways from West's newly released interview with Christina Binkley for WSJ. Magazine, during which—as is now well-documented—West also again broaches the Trump topic. 

As for hoodie matters, the piece lets fans in on an idea West grew fond of last July while working at his home. Referred to here as "the perfect hoodie," the piece would be built on a slightly-cropped-at-the-waist aesthetic, with a heaviness comparable to that of a traditional winter coat. Colorways would veer in the direction of "flax or dusty stone," with the Yeezy team's ultimate goal outlined as making these hoodies "for the masses" and selling them for around $60.

"I like Costco as an idea," West said in the interview. "I like Walmart, too."

As West and company continued work on this "perfect hoodie," Rochambeau designer Laurence Chandler and American Apparel founder Dov Charney got involved. Later, a prototype of sorts of the hoodie was seen on West in the video for the Jesus Is King single "Follow God."

However, what would eventually become West's recent Paris show took precedence, though it's pointed out in the WSJ cover piece that West has again shifted at least part of his focus back to the perfect hoodie.

"The hoodie is arguably the most important piece of apparel of the last decade," he said.

The Yeezy brand's previously touted alleged valuation of nearly $3 billion is also referenced in Binkley's piece, with West affirming more specifically that the brand does $1.5 billion in annual revenue with a $2.9 billion valuation. Binkley, meanwhile, writes that she has "reviewed documents that reflect those numbers."

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