BAPE Announces Launch of Limited Edition Digital Art NFTs

Among the five designs included in the drop are AAPE pieces from artists Lilkool and Eric Inkala. The NFTs will launch on the Mintable platform.


Image via BAPE


BAPE is joining the NFT marketplace.

On Friday, BAPE and its sister brand AAPE announced the impending launch of an exclusive set of five limited edition NFTs in conjunction with CROSS STUDIO. Advising on the launch is Tirith Capital, whose founder—Jimmie Jeremejev—explained that BAPE’s decades-strong history of unique designs made the move into NFTs a logical next step.


“BAPE® camo pattern is the soul of the brand, and among the past 28 years, BAPE® has already created over 200 iconic camo patterns,” Jeremejev said in a press release. “Since its unique designs drive the brand experience, it only makes sense to take advantage of NFTs as a way to keep the ecosystem cutting edge. And, considering that BAPE® has collaborated with partners such as Marvel, SpongeBob, and Nintendo, the potential for future digital art NFT collaborations is enormous.”

The five designs available upon launch are AAPE x Lilkool Artwork 1 and AAPE x Eric Inkala Artwork 1, as well as three classic BAPE ABC camo patterns. The limited series will be offered in 5,000 units for each of the AAPE designs. Blue and pink BAPE ABC camo patterns, meanwhile, will be available in 250 units, while the BAPE ABC camo pattern in green will be available in 150 units.


The NFTs will be offered via the Mintable platform, whose investors include Mark Cuban.

“BAPE® and AAPE are known for their collaborations,” Mintable founder Zach Burks said Friday. “The brands have a unique blend of street cred and international cachet. Therefore, we are extremely proud they chose to launch their first exclusive set of NFTs on Mintable.”


The set of five NFTs launches April 30. For more info, keep an eye on the Mintable drops page.

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