Visvim's Spring/Summer 2014 Collection Will Make You Broke But Happy

Here's what Kanye West or John Mayer might be wearing in the future.

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Visvim just released some looks from its spring/summer 2014 lineup. Designer Hiroki Nakamura delivers a collection of laidback looks infusing the signature Western American-inspired designs he’s become known for. And his knack for adding unique details will make sure you won’t look like you came out of a period piece.

Included in the collection are patchwork trousers, outerwear, shirts, and robes, plus a shitload more of incredible-looking stuff. And while going full Blankey Boiz may not be your shit just yet, most of these individual pieces can be mixed in with what you're already fucking with to elevate your entire game. Footwear ranging from boots, sneakers, and the highly-coveted FBT model are all there. By the looks of things, your savings account is going to suffer a little hit. 

Visvim has been around for a minute, but there is no questioning its rise in popularity during the past couple seasons. You can blame it on Kanye West or maybe even John Mayer, but the cult brand is enjoying some massive success. It’s not too late to hop on, but you have to pay to play. The quality of each item is insane, but with that comes some high prices. Check for these to drop at the newly opened DSM New York or the Visvim online store

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