The Hundreds Cuts Ben Baller a $500,000 Check to Create The Worlds Largest Gold Chain

And it's only a down payment

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Forget about $91,500 dollar tees and expensive Gucci addictions, The Hundreds has just commissioned Ben Baller to create the “worlds largest diamond & gold chain ever.” While we’re not sure what it’s going to look like, both Ben Baller and Bobby Hundreds shared with their Instagram followers a picture of a $500,000 dollar down payment for the piece. It will be “the world's most expensive, most obnoxious, most ignorant chain” according to Bobby Hundreds. If we had to guess it’s going to be a big Adam Bomb piece. The chain will be unveiled during the season 2 premier of Ben Ballers show. One thing we also learned is Ben Baller's other business acount name, Ben Slang—get it.

[via Instagram]

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