Stussy's Latest Editorial Gives You an Idea of What '90s Rave Style Was Like

Stussy gives you an idea of what rave styles in the '90s looked like with its latests "Cornwall Cornwall" editorial.

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Morph suits and tank tops are the staple styles during today's massive EDM gatherings. But during the ‘90s, it was all about billowy parachute pants, color blocked bubble vests, and visor caps. To give you a slight idea of what rave styles looked liked 20-plus years ago, peep Stussy’s latest “Cornwall Cornwall” editorial.

Styled by Tom Guiness and shot in the UK, the photos bring back memories of fashion you would see at underground rave scenes that lasted well into the next morning. The items are part of the new spring/summer 2014 collection, so you have chance to bring back these throwback looks this summer or tailor the legendary streetwear's offerings to your personal sense of style. All you party monsters can head to the Stussy website and purchase.

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