Sports Illustrated Model Brooklyn Decker is Not a Fan of Jorts and Meggings

It only takes one beautiful woman to make some changes to your outfits.

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What has been said about jorts and meggings that hasn't been said already? It's next to impossible to find someone who can pull them off. But if you’re still out there not listening to your friends telling you how bad you look, maybe one hot babe can change you’re mind—as is always the case.

In a recent interview with GQ, model Brooklyn Decker mentions jorts is the worst thing a man can wear. “I think jean shorts are a 'no' on a guy. I mean, I can see a Williamsburg hipster making them look cool, but most guys can't get away with that,” she says. The interviewer also asks about meggings. She’s never actually seen them, but by description alone, she’s not a fan. “Meggings are out. It's not a good look,” says Decker. Megging and jort fans out there, please reconsider your outfits, nobody wants to see penis outlines this summer. To read the rest of this hilarious interview, visit the GQ website. 

[via GQ]

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