Shetland Ponies Stay On-Trend by Wearing Fair Isle Cardigans

Yes, you read that correctly.

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Here to take IKEA monkey’s shine is another breed of animal not normally known to wear clothes. In celebration of "Year of Natural Scotland," which promotes tourism to the country, two well-known Scottish symbols have merged together: the Shetland ponies have been outfitted with Fair Isle knits hand-made from Shetland sheep wool. The sweaters are custom made longer with shorter arms, and even have functioning buttons. Ponies named Filva of Finnister and Millhouse Vitamin seem so excited about their gear, their pony conversation probably went something like this: “Hey Millhouse, do you think these patterns are good enough to attract some stallions at the barn?” “Nope, but our huge asses will definitely get a couple tourists to come to Scotland.”

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