Property Of... Makes Your Daily Commute Suck Less With New Lightweight Bags (Video)

Get to work a little faster.

Property Of… is a dope bag brand coming out of Amsterdam. The bran'ds home city is one of the most commuter friendly places in the world. Travelling to work in a bike is normal, and there is no better place to show off how you're packing. Wtih all this experience, Property Of... is making some of the coolest and most efficient bags out there that can fit everything you need, but compact enough for everyday travel.

Following its successful Amsterdam Series, the brand is back at it again this year to hit you off with part two. Most bags come in standard styles, ranging from backpacks to sling bags. Each piece is weather resistant, not to mention super-light and very easy to lug around. Just one less thing to worry about before you plop down at your shitty job for the entire day. Visit the Property Of website to purchase. 

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