A Profane Cartier Parody Hat Gets Small Startup Brand in Trouble

It's all fun and games until someone couldn't take a joke.

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Fashion parody tees have been on the rise, and it’s all in good fun, but one luxury brand didn’t take it lightly. A Parsons student named Fahad started making “Cuntier” snapbacks and beanies as a spoof after the less-than-stellar service he received during a visit to a Cartier store. Originally made for friends, the popularity of the hats grew—even finding its way on model Cara Delevinge—which prompted the student to start his brand KTHANKSBYE as a way to distribute the hats to retailers.

Well, the modest two-piece collection got the watchmaker's attention. The luxury brand wasn’t laughing when it found out it was the butt of a joke. Fahad tried to lay low, but Cartier managed to find his contact and sent him a cease and desist letter. Fahad states, “no idea how they got in contact with me, my name isn’t on [my] website.” Just like the tax man, no matter where you hide, fashion brands will also find you if they’re pissed off. Fahad complied with Cartier’s requests, and mentions he will be moving on to a new brand. So if you got your hands on those Cuntier snapbacks and beanies, welcome to the #rare club.

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