Norse Projects and James Jarvis' New, Thought-Provoking Artist Series Tees Will Save You From Awkward Conversations

Exploring the meaning of life.

Images via Norse Projects

James Jarvis is a jack-of-all-trades who illustrates some dope cartoons that often times move from prints and turn into a series of toys or graphic tees. Norse Projects linked up with the London-based artist to get deep and use his Spheric Dialogues cartoons for its latest Artist Series Tees.

There were 365 illustrations in the 2012 series, but the collaboration narrows it down to just four important ones. Picking a topic of conversation shouldn’t be a problem with these tees on. Each shirt features mind-blowing themes about art, being, knowledge, logic, and skateboarding, so you can go deep and maybe even find the meaning of life. Seriously, there will be no more awkward silences when you’re socializing.

There are four tees total and available now on the Norse Projects website.


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