Men Desperately Seeking Facial Hair Are Now Getting Beard Implants

Fear the beard!

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If you haven’t noticed lately, having a face as smooth as silk isn’t really the look right now. Facial hair is in, and every dude out there is either rocking a five o’clock shadow or going full-on Rick Ross with it. However, due to natural selection, genes, or lack of testosterone, not all men can grow a face forest. While most men accept this fact, the desperate few who really, really, really want a to grow a full scruff are getting what they want through implants. You heard that right; men are now getting beard implants.

The Daily Mail reports that more and more men in the U.K. are choosing to get beard transplants. According to Dr. Bessam Farjo, founder of The Farjo Hair Institute, the number has “skyrocketed” since last year. “Whilst many men may be looking for full fop of facial fuzz, the majority of patients seeking facial hair transplantation do so to fill gaps and create ‘designer stubble,’” he adds. Where do they get the hair from? Another part of the body.

The rush to boost facial hair growth is nothing new. A report last year revealed that Middle Eastern men were paying upwards to $7,000 dollars to get mustache implants. While the mustache is a symbol of prestige, wisdom, and virility in the Arab world, this new trend for scruff might be due to beard envy, thanks to celebrities like Brad Pitt and David Beckham.

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