Kendall Jenner Shows off Her Dance Moves in Givenchy's Fall 2014 Ad Campaign (Video)

Ricardo Tisci invites Kendall Jenner to dance in the new Givenchy fall 2014 ad campaign.

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Givenchy ads and dancing go together like ravers and candy bracelets. For the label's fall 2014 ad campaign, designer Riccardo Tisci recruited a few models for a dance off inside a London hotel suite. Among those invited was Kendall Jenner (another big move for the Kardashian sister), who held her own with the rest of the gyrating body movements. We’re sure the soundtrack provided by the Bronx-raised house and techno DJs The Martinez Brothers kept these models dancing all night long, to the break of dawn. Check out the breakdown, and get a peek at the fall 2014 men's collection, above.


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