Kanye West Brought Back His Leather Givenchy Kilt During His SXSW Performance

Yeezy resurrects the kilt in two versions.

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Austin’s SXSW music festival was buzzing about The Throne’s return to the stage. It finally went down last night, as Jay Z and Kanye West performed their respective singles as well as their collaborative work. Not only that, the duo brought back the Givenchy outfits that got plenty of press during their tour a couple years back.

For Jay Z, it was a simple all black outfit complete with the star and stripes tee. Yeezy, on the other hand, resurrected his infamous Givenchy kilt. This might be his most polarizing outfit to date, and he had two versions this time around. Fuse’s Joe Lynch reports Ye wore and all leather number and also silver studded kit. Each outfit was paired up a Dia de los Muertos graphic tee and Rottweiler tee respectively. Whatever opinions you have about the outfits, one thing for sure is that they’re not going away.

[via MTV]

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