The Entire Jay Z x Barneys " A New York Holiday" Collection Costs a Small Fortune

Here's a quick round-up of the most expensive collection this year.

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The much anticipated, and now controversial, Jay Z x Barneys NY “A New York Holiday” collection is here. We’ll just go ahead and say this is a luxe as luxe gets, with all the implications that that statement involves. The prices are ridiculously expensive, and your yearly income might have to reach at least the high six-figures to afford some of these goods.

The lowest priced item is a Barneys NY T-shirt, which is at an attainable $70.The highest priced item is a Rick Owens Mollino Crocodile Jacket topping at a shoppers guilt price of—wait for it—$58,000. That is a shitload of money.

All in all, the collection will set you back $155,003 if you cop every item. Multiply that with all the available stock, and you can probably purchase a small mansion in Miami. While much of the items’ prices are geared more for the one percent bracket, it’s actually a good thing. That money isn’t adding to the knots in Jay Z’s pocket, but instead will be donated to the Shawn Carter Foundation, as per Jay Z's request.

 Visit the Barneys NY website to shop—or just look at—what everyone has been talking about. 

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