Surf Trill Waves With These Fruition x Off White x Pyrex Surfboards

The North Shore ins't ready for so much rareness.

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Complex Original

Image via Complex Original

Not Available Lead

Pyrex Vision has been surfing the trillest “waves” all year, and now it actually wants you to surf an actual Teahupo'o‎. Fruition’s Chris Julian and Virgil Abloh of Off White and Pyrex Vision have teamed up to create a pair of surfboards so awesome, they can handle the rarest swells of Tahiti. There are two to choose from one which features an glacier image, and another that repurposes a painting from Amerighi da Caravaggio.  There are only 100 pieces made, so get with your rare hookup connect to get one of these boards.

[via Hypebeast]

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