With Yotel New York's Interactive Lego Wall, You Will Feel Like a Kid Again

An art installation you're allowed to touch.

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Yotel New York has just given tourists another reason to stay at the swanky, ultra modern hotel located near Times Square. Last week, Yotel unveiled a 30-foot long, interactive Lego Wall on the floor of Four, the hotel's restaurant. There, guests are encouraged to tap into their creative sides and build on the installation with colorful Lego bricks.

So far, the designs on the wall have been quite impressive—most play off the theme of traveling. Visitors have assembled the toys so that the blocks spell out their names, while others have arranged the bricks to resemble their home country's flags and shapes. Guests may then also enter their work of art into a social media photo contest for a chance to win a future stay at Yotel.

The idea behind the Lego Wall is to provide guests with an interactive installation that they can work on while Yotel New York works to expand Four to include a new club lounge and a work, dine, and entertainment space.

Hey, any hotel that encourages its guests to play with Legos is awesome in our book.

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