Thomas Heatherwick Unveils His Vision of a Sunken Oasis, Coming to the Heart of Abu Dhabi Soon

Thomas Heatherwick recently revealed his plans to turn a 120,000-square-meter space into a public park.

Image via Dezeen

How would you like to spend a day lazing around in this stunning "sunken oasis?" English designer Thomas Heatherwick recently unveiled his vision for "Al Fayah Park," a paradise that will soon take shape in the heart of Abu Dhabi.

He plans to transform a 120,000-square-meter space into a public park that will include play areas, picnic areas, vegetable gardens, and cafes. The park design consists of a fragmented canopy, meant to resemble the cracked, dry surface of an Arabian desert. Held up by pillars, "these elevated pieces create a perforated canopy of partial shade under which a lush garden can grow, protected from the hot desert sun," Heatherwick told Dezeen.

Inside the park, he plans to incorporate a library, a mosque, an outdoor cinema, and performance spaces to be used for live music, festivals, and other events. Construction will begin later this year. Judging from these concept photos, this park is sure to be a hit in Abu Dhabi.

[via Dezeen]

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